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Fixing Registry Errors with best Registry Repair Tool

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As we all know, the registry is a heart and soul of any Windows system. It contains information that manages how computer system appears and how it works. Almost all of us gradually experience the downfall in the computer's performance, and much of it can be attributed to Windows registry errors. By using registry repair tool regularly and repairing registry errors, the computer system should not only be more stable but it will also help Windows run faster.


At present, there are several registry cleaning, fixing and repairing tools available on the internet. Most of computer registry repair tools are designed for personal users with basic registry cleaning needs, such as Glary Registry Repair, Wise Registry Cleaner and so on. With their help, we can easily attain maximum optimization of our windows registry within few seconds and fewer mouse clicks.


Here we can take Glary Registry Repair as an example to show what powerful features they have. (Glary Registry Repair, from the developers of Glary Utilities, is a simple, handy registry repair tool.)


Scan Windows Registry for Problems Efficiently and Comprehensively: Registry Repair scans the entire Windows Registry deeply and provides comprehensive analysis. It detects all the registry problems caused by invalid Windows registry, obsolete software entries and dead file extensions. All we need to do is select registry sections that we want to scan, and a click to start scanning process. All this step will be finished within one minute and the results will be displayed on the main interface for us to view.

Fix Registry Errors: Incorrect operations may cause damaged registry entries and therein pop-up PC errors, blue screens and application failures. Registry Repair scans our computer and lists registry errors detected. We can delete a registry error, or leave it without change, or exclude it in future registry cleanup and repairs. To repair registry errors, a click on "Repair" button is enough. This registry repair tool will help us fix all these registry errors to keep our Windows Registry error-free.


Restore Registry Repairs: Registry Repair is an absolutely safe registry cleaning tool. First, it can remove Adware and Spyware that use the registry to spread. Second, every time we clean or repair registry, it will make backups of any registry change and we can easily restore registry repairs.


Ignore List Manager: Registry cleanup and repair may cause instability or incompatibility problem to certain software updates. If we want to exclude an application from registry cleanup and repair, we can directly add it to the Ignore List. Applications included in Ignore List won't be scanned and changed when we are running Registry Repair. When the software update becomes more stable on performance, we can just remove it out of the Ignore List.


To speed up PC performance at peak, we should choose the best registry repair tool. Glary Registry Repair is the one that works in Windows Vista, XP, Server 2003, and older Windows operating systems like Windows 2000, NT, ME, and it is a simple good freeware registry cleaner. If you've already tried Piriform's CCleaner tool or another registry cleaner and it didn't perform as expected, the Glary Registry Repair is another good option.

Completely Uninstalling Windows Software with Best Program

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Deleting junk files from my PC will always be a cleaning job that I enjoy, no matter how much I hate cleaning up my house. The Standard Add/Remove Program often can't uninstall Windows software completely. It often leave useless files on the hard drive, associated desktop icons, Start menu entries and keys in the registry. Big registry and a large number of unnecessary files make the PC system slower and slower. Then system cleaning and maintenance software become one of my favourite jobs. But here I'd like to talk about completely uninstalling Windows software with best program that can tweak, clean and help to troubleshoot your computer. They are Absolute Uninstaller, MyUninstaller and Revo Uninstaller.

Absolute Uninstaller Absolute Uninstaller is more powerful than Standard Add/Remove Program which often can't remove Windows software completely. Absolute Uninstaller is a lightning fast, well desniged and extremely easy to use. It wipes off all the junk files completely in seconds and offers a more user-friendly way to remove unneeded applications for improving your computer efficiency. One of the most interesting features in Absolute Uninstaller is the Batch Uninstall feature.

Absolute Uninstaller supports batch uninstall to remove multiple software from your system with a single click. While most uninstaller utilities allow you to select more than one programs to remove at a time. When you launch the uninstall process, all uninstaller utilities are executed at the same time, and this leads to errors in most cases. But with Absolute Uninstaller, the programs you have selected are uninstalled one by one, reducing the chances to get errors. If you still got an error that Absolute Uninstaller allows you to make backups for certain programs.


MyUninstaller is also an alternative uninstaller tool to the standard Add/Remove application of Windows operating system. It displays the list of all installed programs, and allows you to remove an application, delete an uninstall entry, and save the list of all installed programs into a text file or HTML file.

MyUninstaller also provides additional information for most installed software that the standard Add/Remove application doesn't display: product name, version, company, uninstall string, installation folder and more.

Revo Uninstaller

Revo Uninstaller lists the installed programs and components for you. With a choice of views, the information on program components is available: program properties, registry entries and links to manufacturer's website. You can find installed applications just by typing the first few letters of their name by the "Search" option. Revo Uninstaller scans for leftovers with more advanced algorithms that are so precise, fast and very effective in search for leftovers of Windows Services.

Absolute Uninstaller, MyUninstaller and Revo Uninstaller are the best programs that can completely uninstall Windows software. They are similar to standard Windows Add/Remove program but more powerful. The standard Add/Remove program can't uninstall software totally which often leaves broken registry keys, unnecessary files on the hard disk. The more junk files your computer has, the slower it runs. With Absolute Uninstaller, MyUninstaller or Revo Uninstaller wipping off all the junk files clearly in seconds, your computer can work more efficiently.

Quickly Download Software at

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Just as we know, to download software from the internet is a widespread practice for getting the best out of your computer. When I download Glary Utilities, I found a new software download website like It is called Filepuma provides a great database of useful programs in a safe environment free from pop-ups, spyware, invasive advertisements, and other nuances often present in similar websites. Filepuma's simple and intuitive interface makes me happy to share it. provides the simplest method of downloading the latest versions of the best software, including freeware, trial and shareware programs to download in several categories. It features recommended software and latest updates, not focusing on quantity but quality. But the real treat will be to look at the following ones, were you will find firewalls and Antivirus, Audio and Video related software, as well as tools for file converter, DVD applications, Office packages, file compressors and many others. To make the downloads as fast as possible, also provides very fast servers with 100Mb connections. keeps the old versions of programs, so if we update and don't like the new version that we can always return to the old one. At, we can quickly find the needed popular software by "Search" and get the basic information on it, such as Size, Publisher and more. If we are interested in a program, we can add it to "my list". We can also express our ideas or experiences in discussion, and share it on twitter, facebook or myspace.


A free Update Checker will check all the software we have installed in our computer, and make a report of the programs which are not completely updated. Filepuma will then give us back a list of the available latest versions for our system. This tool works for every version of Windows since 98 to Windows 7.


Although there is not much reading to do at, the site is written in English. Software names don't vary much anyway from one language to another, but if it becomes an obstacle, some web translator may come to our aid.

Reduce Windows Boot Time by Delaying Programs

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Every time Windows starts up, BootRacer will calculate Windows boot time and tell me exactly how many seconds did Windows take to boot. With more installed applications that are set to automatically run at the beginning, I find Windows starting up slow. Waiting is a painful thing for me, so I consult some tech who told me to cut back on the number of programs that start automatically on my PC. However, it is hard for some people to do, just like me. Therefore, I have to ask some startup program for help.


There are so many popular startup programs in the market, such as Jockersoft's Startup Delayer, Glarysoft's Quick Startup, LaunchLater and so on. After a period of deep study, I appreciate Quick Startup which is quite powerful and flexible. It gives me an almost total control of what starts, and in what order. What's more, it is very easy to add, delete and delay the launch of applications that run at Windows.


In my Quick Startup, all applications are listed under normal startup by default, but can be edited to the disabled or moved to the delayed groups instead. Applications in the disabled group are no longer launched, while delayed applications are started when the system meets specific requirements and can be dragged and dropped to the Startup list. Applications can be added via the Add program button and all local executable files can be selected.


Let's take a look at how to make Quick Startup work effectively:


Add/Delete/Delay Programs on Windows Startup


Add a program to one of the startup folders ourself, just click "Add program...", and then enter the name of the needed application in the dialog and enter the directory path of the program file in the Path/Command Line box, or use the Find button to find the needed file.


Unmark the check box in front of an entry to disable it, and the program will no longer be started the next time we start Windows. In this way, we can easily find out for certain whether the entry is needed. If something doesn't work properly, all we have to do is select the check box again. If we are sure that we do not need an entry at all, we can remove it from the list entirely by clicking "Delete this entry". We can also drag and drop each program to the Startup list or Delayed list.


Rating Bar Shows How Program Trustworthy


Sometimes the startup list is heavily populated. We may not be aware of all the programs by name. Quick Startup attaches every entry with a rating bar, which indicates the danger level that the entry brings to our computer. The bar consists of red and green. The longer the red part is, the more dangerous the entry is to our computer. It also helps we out by giving us some basic product information on the selected program. Convinced that it could be a threat – delete it. Slightly unsure…we can choose to disable it and lookup Google for more detailed information with a right-click on the item.


Quick Startup is a handy program that weighs 3.8 MB and runs on Windows XP/2003/Vista 32-bit. The most attractive part for me is that it is free to use. As its name suggests, Quick Startup is a simple and free startup manager for both novices and experienced users to speed up Windows boot by delaying some programs auto-startup after system boot, or removing unnecessary programs that snatch resources to launch themselves at the system boot.

How Disk Speedup Software works

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My PC runs slow like a snail these days. I have to ask a computer expert for help who told me there are so many fragments on my drive. After installing a free disk defragmenter called Glary Disk Speedup, my PC works optimally and I have a better understanding of Disk speedup software and fragmentation.


Disk fragment has been a main cause of slow and unstable PC performance, and it occurs in kinds of situations. When we save a large movie file in any of the empty spaces on a drive, it may occur. Sometimes when updating an existing file, it occurs because the space isn't large enough to store the changes. These fragments increase the number of times the drive must spin, which slows down the process of reading and writing each file. Disk speedup software is a major toolkit element for keeping PC running fast, which compresses files and free space back into sequential blocks during the optimization process.


Top disk speedup software such as Systweak Disk Speedup, Glary Disk Speedup and PerfectDisk that provides extremely fast and efficient defragmentation to the hard drives intelligently for faster and stabler file loading and peak disk performance. With the advanced feature, they can work automatically and quietly in the background to keep hard disk running at its top speed on several versions of Windows, such as Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7. These powerful defragmenters also have similar functions, including Defragment & Optimize, List of Fragmented Files and Auto-Defragmentation.


Defragment & Optimize

Disk speedup software doesn't only defragment files, but it can also optimize the disk to get even higher performance. These software optimization algorithms allow defragmenting free space, moving system files to the fastest part of the hard drive and clearing the MFT Reserved Zone from regular files.


List of Fragmented Files

After performing disk analysis, disk speedup software lists all fragmented files. Choosing a file from the list will show its specific position on the fragmentation map. We can easily find the most fragmented files and their paths by sorting through the list, and select files to defragment and which files to add to the ignore list.



Disk speedup software can act in real time to auto-defragment while the system is free. Since these programs are very handy and need few system resources, they can easily defragment our hard drives in the background that we will not even notice their activity, so just set disk speedup software to run automatically and we'll forget about file fragmentation, and do whatever we like!


Nowadays in the software market these are so many high-end disk speedup tools such as Systweak Disk Speedup, Glary Disk Speedup and PerfectDisk that I have mentioned above. However, depending on a budget right, I only spend on software or games that I must have and can't find a free program alternative to. Therefore, I use Glary Disk Speedup among the very popular programs, which is free to defrag and optimize my PC for faster and stabler file loading and high disk performance.



The Importance of Registry Repair Program

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A new computer, just like a young man runs fast when he is very fit in his best time, but after a few years he slows down and can get some diseases easily. Registry repair program is like the best doctor; it can diagnose problems, such as invalid entries, references and links in the Windows registry, fix broken down components, free up stuck mechanisms and get the computer back to speeding down the Internet highway.


Registry repair program is developed to make the complicated process of cleaning your registry comparatively simple. When you fix your Windows registry, you don't want to make a mistake. It is important to know that an error in fixing your registry can cause paramount problems. What's more, it is not something that should be attempted by the inexperienced. No matter how low your experience level, registry repair program is just an excellent utility for safely and easily cleaning and fixing your registry errors. High-end utilities such as Advanced System Optimizer, Glary Utilities and Registry Essentials will ensure that your computer works like it you just picked it up from the shop.


Here take Registry Essentials for an example to show functions the best registry repair programs offer:


Registry Repair: Scanning the whole computer for registry errors and repairing them to keep the computer system error-free and in good working condition. The registry repair tool includes cleaning away junk registry items and repairing damaged/broken registry items. Registry problems, such as corrupt Windows registry, left-behind registry items by uninstalling programs, orphaned startup programs, or missing registry due to corrupt hardware drivers can all be repaired by two clicks.


Registry Defrag: Windows Registry will get fragmented over time, occupying more space on your hard disk than necessary and slowing down system boot. Registry Defrag tool offered by Registry Essentials can compact and optimize the Windows registry by cleaning fragmentation, correcting structural errors and recovering unused memory space, so as to remove unnecessary gaps and wasted space.


Auto-backup: Every time you repair or defrag registry, it will make backups and store automatically for your future restoration. All the backups are listed with operation type (registry repair of registry defrag) and created date. You can easily select out the one you want and restore your PC to the previous state in seconds.


The best registry repair programs should also have the two basic features: ease of use--Friendly program with an intuitive interface is easy to use for computer users of all levels of expertise. Well–organized fixing processes do not require complex, multiple steps; feature Set--Top registry repair utility scanners search for all types of possible problems,including: invalid paths, fonts, file types, sound, help files, CLSID, DLLs, shell extensions, AppEvents and class keys. The features should be easy to access and well designed in a logical way.


Maybe you are looking for a good registry repair program for years to optimize your computer performance. Intuitive user-friendly interface and customizable operation of high-end software makes it fit both novice users and IT experts. Registry repair program like Registry Essentials can help you flexibly diagnose and fix registry problems, get your computer back into shape, tuned-up and run at peak performance!

Fix Registry Errors Easily with Registry Essentials for Peak Computer Performance

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Registry Essentials is a simple but powerful registry repair tool available to scan, clean, repair and defrag registry errors for peak computer performance. Compared with other repair utilities, this tool offers advanced scanning technology and gives out comprehensive diagnosis for your computer in seconds, and then you can choose to fix registry errors partly or all for good computer performance.

Windows registry works as a database to save important settings and options of the Microsoft Windows Operating System. This database is used for each program and disk installed on your PC. Once launching, applications access the database thousands of times in a minute. Without proper maintenance, your Windows database can become a real mess. When you uninstall useless programs, invalid and error entries can be left behind and cause several conflicts between third party programs and the operating system, so as to your operating system becomes unstable, starts freezing and crashing.

For peak computer performance, Registry Essentials is a helpful tool that scans your computer for errors throughly in seconds and repairs them to keep the computer system error-free. To optimize your PC, this software can fix those registry errors by two clicks, such as corrupt Windows registry, junk/missing/left-behind items due to corrupt hardware drivers, uninstalling applications, orphaned startup programs and so on.

Registry Defrag tool provided by Registry Essentials can compact and optimize the Windows registry by reducing fragmentation, fixing structural errors and recovering unused memory space to remove unnecessary gaps and wasted space. When Windows database gets fragmented over time, it can occupy more space on the hard drivers and slow down PC system boot. Registry Defrag tool is special for cluttered registry items on local disks. It can defrag registry items and make them occupy continuous space. Therefore, they can be accessed more quickly and brings quicker program launches and file/folder retrievals. If you want to exclude certain programs during scan and repair, Registry Essential also provides you an Ignore List. The registry items added to the Ignore List will be ignored during registry scan and repair forever, unless you delete item out of the Ignore List.

Registry Essentials also provides auto-backup and auto-care as background task to your PC. If you use it to repair or defrag errors, it will make backups and store automatically for your future restoration. All the backups are listed with operation type (registry repair of registry defrag) and created date. You can easily choose out the one you want and restore your computer to the previous state in seconds. This advanced software allows you to "Scan and Repair", "Defrag only" or "Repair and Defrag" on a schedule defined by yourself: Frequency of Daily/Weekly/Monthly, specified date, specified time.

Registry Essentials runs on Windows 7/2000/XP/Vista. This registry repair tool has an easy-to-use, intuitive interface but complete options, taking care of your whole computer and fixing registry errors, including corrupt Windows registry, missing registry due to corrupt hardware disks and left-behind registry items by uninstalling programs. You can purchase Registry Essentials securely online at

Back up all Drivers with DriverMax

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In case your windows drivers are deleted by mistakes or can not run normally, it is a good idea to back up all drivers. Here is a fantastic program called DriverMax. It provides an easy way to protect all drivers on your Windows system.

DriverMax is a free tool that allows you to download all drivers for your computer. You can also export all your current drivers to a folder or a compressed file. Once reinstalling Windows, you will have everything in one place. When you first run the program, it will ask you whether you would like to run the trial version or apply for a registration key. The key is free, yet you have to create a free account to log in. In addition, DriverMax only runs on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2003.

Drivermax backs up and restores all drivers in a very amazing and well presented interface. It offers a powerful export wizard that helps you export the drivers you need to back up by copying the needed files to a folder or compressed ZIP file. What should to be pointed out is that the program can ensure that all drivers are reinstalled within 5 minutes. You do not have to track down old driver installation CDs, or spend hours searching for drivers on the Internet at all. DriverMax can display a detailed report about all drivers on the versions, release dates that installed on your system. It can also help you identify unknown devices in your computer and get Windows Vista rating information. Without any doubt, it will save you the hours of searching and installing that you usually have to to.

With DriverMax, you can download the latest driver updates for your computer, and back up all your current drivers on a folder. Before you use it, you should create a free account. If you are really want to protect all drivers on your Windows system, you can give DriverMax a try.

Prolong Your Laptop Battery Lifetime with BatteryCare

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Do you know how to prolong your battery lifetime? As an important part of your PC, laptop battery should be well cared. There is a simple but very powerful battery optimizer for you. That is BatteryCare. With it, you can know better laptop battery, and easily take constant care of it.

As a battery optimizer, BatteryCare can optimize the usage and performance of your laptop battery. It can also monitor well the battery's discharge cycles and help to increase its autonomy and prolong battery lifetime. What's more, it provides the detailed battery data. When it monitors the battery discharge cycles, it can show CPU and Hard Disk temperature monitoring.

BatteryCare is an easy to use program. Once this battery optimizer has been installed, the program will be available from the system tray icon. It will monitor the status of your battery from the time it has been installed. In its major program window, you can see basic information and the detailed information about the status of your battery. You can even know the temperature of your CPU.

When you click the icon from the system tray, BatteryCare will show you a menu to change your power. It means that you can easily change your "saving Settings" with only a click. If you click the top of menu button, you can see relevant information of the battery. It can display the health about the present laptop battery, and your laptop battery lifetime. With the related information, such as the rated capacity, current capacity and consumption level, you can easily speculate whether you have to buy a new battery.

With BatteryCare, your battery lifetime can be prolonged at least a few minutes each time. The monitoring function of BatteryCare is fantastic. It offers you more laptop battery information, such as discharging cycles statistics, dump energy and more. If you usually use your laptop and are interested in this battery optimizer, you can give BatteryCare a try.

Read Documents in a Human Voice with Text Speaker

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Do you always strain your eyes reading a book on a small screen? Why not take a relax and read documents in a nice human voice? To hear the human voice, you need not to rent an office or hire any speaker. What you need is a program that was called Text Speaker. With it, you can enjoy reading by creating your own audio books and so on.


Text Speaker can read documents aloud in a pleasant human voice. You can also listen to ebooks, reports and web pages on your computer, or create your files into MP3 files for your other audio player and so on with it. It is also a great way to find mistakes when hearing your documents in a human voice. Additionally, Text Speaker works with a wide range of Windows Systems, such as Windows 2000, XP, Windows Vista and more.


Text Speaker is easy for you to learn and use. The first time you open the program, you will find a blank space. In the blank space, you can write anything you want. If you click the "play", the program will read document loud that you have written out. You can select different voices between male and female to read documents. After you have a try, you will find this utility fairly useful. You can convert a text file into an audio file, and then listen to it while you are on the way to home or work, or listen to a speech while you are doing other things.


With the help of Text Speaker, you can easily learn to use it from the interface and "Start Menu". What's more, it has an online assistance. Text Speaker allows you to read documents in a comfortable human voice. If you are interested in reading, you can give Text Speaker a try.